Get a regular sized 440g box of Special K Nourish, from Sainsbury’s.

Special K nourish brings delicious joy to breakfast by giving you a bowl full of wonderful flavours and varied texture specially combined to give you a positive & healthy start to every morning. Our crisp flakes and clusters are made with a variety of wholesome grains like oats, wholewheat, rice and barley, with hearty linseed and sunflower seeds, adding a fibre packed crunch to every bite. And with luscious additions of colourful fruit like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and redcurrents you can spring into each day feeling upbeat and healthy.

2,250 boxes are available. To get yours, click the button below and add the product to your basket (you can choose between three different varieties). Enter the code ‘FREESPECIAL’ at the checkout to change the price of the cereal to free.

Free Special K Nourish!