You can check the tax status of any vehicle in the United Kingdom using the DVLA’s free online tool. This will tell you if the car is taxed or not, along with the following other information:

  • Date of first registration
  • Year of manufacture
  • Cylinder capacity (cc)
  • CO₂ Emissions
  • Fuel type
  • Export marker
  • Vehicle status (if tax is due or not)
  • Vehicle colour
  • Vehicle type approval
  • Wheelplan
  • Revenue weight

Here’s what a typical result looks like:

Free DVLA car tax check

Using this free tool is easy. Just follow the link below, and enter the vehicles registration number and make. If you have the vehicles log book (also known as the V5C document), you can enter the reference number and get additional information.

Free MOT check

You can also check the MOT history of any vehicle.