Free sample loafs of bread are available from Gluten-free baker Glutafin. You can also get pizza bases and rolls.

We all fancy a change now and then, and if you are unhappy with your regular gluten free prescription brand or are experiencing problems with ordering, now might be the time to try something new.

Glutafin have recently improved all of our fresh and longer life breads and what’s more, we have added two brand new products to our range, our Fresh Seeded Loaf and High Fibre Loaf. So if you do fancy a change, why not take the opportunity to try one of our new improved breads or you can choose from our light, fluffy rolls or our individually wrapped pizza bases.

All you need to do to get your free sample is follow the link below, enter your details and select which product you’d like to recieve.

Free Glutafin bread sample!