Greenty are giving away free samples of their unique nappy.

Greenty is not an ordinary nappy even though it might look like one at first. You will not find it on the high street, where typically you can purchase other brands that perhaps are not so tailored to care for those little treasures with the most sensitive skin. With Greenty, we achieve that by going back to the most natural ingredients.

Our Greenty secret is found in the green tea leaves that are incorporated into the absorbent core of the nappy, making it super kind to your baby’s skin. The technology behind the drying and crushing of the leaves enables it to become active at the temperature as low as 30 ° C. Greenty nappies offer a natural antiseptic, anti-allergic and antibacterial action. Additionally, green tea leaves help to eliminate that upsetting nappy odour.

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Free Greenty nappy sample!