Register your office with Higgidy pies to get free spare pies, quiches, slices or sausage rolls.

Although we try hard not to make too many, sometimes we get carried away and end up with spare pies, quiches, slices or sausage rolls. Usually we give these to our friends (including the folks at Fareshare) but we thought we’d see if you’d like some too.

To make things easy, we’ll be sending them out to workplaces where there are lots of people – it can be any workplace, and you don’t have to be being paid (we love volunteers).

So, if your workplace has over 50 people, fill in the boxes below to nominate it. If you’re chosen when we have some spares, we’ll send over a whole load of goodies for free. Easy.

To sign up, click the button below to visit their site.

Free Higgidy pies!