La Montana are offering free samples of their scented candles.

La Montana is a range of scented candles inspired by the founders’ new life in a Spanish mountain village.

“On our mountain, at first light, there’s a heavenly fragrance in the air. Before anyone starts an engine, or lights a fire, the air is clear, and still, and silent. The first breath of the day carries the perfume of wild mountain herbs; fennel, rosemary, mountain pepper, and intoxicating rockrose. The alchemy of these fragrances, blended naturally on the breeze, weaves a magical spell… The inspiration for our first candle.”

La Montaña candles conjure up memories and dreams of the Mediterranean, and of holidays in the sun. They are guaranteed not only to smell wonderful, but also to look great on the mantlepiece – each candle bears its own unique and collectable label in the style of a nostalgic 1930’s travel poster. La Montaña candles truly are an affordable luxury.

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